Friday, 21 September 2012

Duchess of Cambridge Kate, Smiles Bravely after Topless Incident...

Can you imagine having a lovely break in a beautiful country house, and then suddenly find out that some prying french photographer had been spying on yo; when you had thought you'd been in private? Such a creepy thought! I don't understand how anyone can think that it is acceptable or appropriate to publish semi-naked  photo's for all the world to see...Especially our future queen! Why not focus on Kate's elegant style and clothes she's been wearing throughout her travels? Here are some images of Kate's various outfits, worn while on duty...

William and Kate's glamorous arrival at the Solomon Islands!
kate middleton

Kate and William at The Solomon Islands soaking up the culture! Loving her colourful and exotic dress she's wearing to blend in with the locals. Daufanamae summed up the mood when she said: "We are just so excited to see them come here. I think almost everyone in Honiara is here".

How funny: Kate stifles a giggle as she and William are garlanded by a gaggle of bare-chested women after they arrive on Marau in the Solomon Islands
Kate stifling a giggle as the smiling women in grass skirts presented her and William with shell necklaces. Hilarious!

William and Kate walking bare-footed along the grass.
Kate wears this gorgeous yellow skirt dress by Jaegar when greeting the locals. How sweet!
“independent designer.”
Kate wearing an independant designer dress which blends texture and color beautifully and givesKate a regal look that works well in sunny climates. The flower pattern would have gone down well, as floral patterns are always popular in the South Pacific!


  1. Well, when you are a public person shit will happen. Don't get me wrong, it's horrible what paparazzi do, but you also have to be careful.
    Still, you can't just not love Kate, look at that smile.

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    1. Aww thank you so much! :) I was looking around your blog for the suprise but I couldn't find it at first :S Also congratulations on your first published article. That must be so exciting. Well Done! :D - Jasmine xx