Thursday, 28 June 2012

6 Summer Essentials You Need...

Summer is here and although it feels like Autumn in some parts of the world e.g UK -.-, we still need to prepare ourselves for the few occasions  the rare and sweet summer sun decides to visit! If you are going abroad to somewhere sunny or tropical during the summer season; make sure you pack these essential buys to help you make the most of the blissful heat...
1. Shorts. Sure it sounds simple enough but don't resort to wearing any old pair stuffed at the back of your drawer thinking that they are ok, find some that flatter your shape and make you feel great as well as being in style. H&M currently have a great selection of shorts and I went there only a few days ago to buy a pair of turquoise shorts (right) which I loved as soon as I saw. Checkout shorts in a range of shops and soon enough you'll find some that you adore!
2. Sunglasses. So if you're going to be enjoying the sunshine you don't want to be squinting in photo's or while sunbathing, right? Invest in a gorgeous pair of shades that suit your face shape as well as protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. Bvlgaria have a stunning collection of shades which will get people asking where you got them from! Although expensive they are made with quality and will last a long time unlike cheaper sunglasses that are often more breakable.

3. Sandals. Yeaahh... don't settle with cheapy foam flip flops or crocs which I can't help but think are pathetic as well as a crime against fashion (sorry if that offends anyone!) Choose a pair of leather Sandals from the vast collection in high street shops. Unlike flip flops which rub between your toes making them sore; Sandals and wedges which are in trend, look soo much better and are durable. H&M have a great selection of Sandals and wedges and you should try them on to make sure they are comfortable before you buy them.

4. A Summer dress. We all dream of walking along white sandy beaches with salty warm breezes and the clear blue water splashing at your feet...but wouldn't it be a great thing to experience  while wearing a floaty and pretty sundress which refines your looks and makes you feel  and look beautiful? It really would, which is why you must buy a stunning dress for making memories in during your summer vacation. Browse through shops until you find a dress that catches your eye and looks flattering when you try it on.
Make sure you check these essentials of your list if you go on holiday!

Lana Del Rey Releases Brand New Music Video


Lana Del Rey Mario Testino British Vogue March 2012-0


Lana Del Rey steps back in time to play Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O in the brand new music video for her latest single National Anthem. The 7 minute movie, features rapper and long time friend A$AP playing her love interest. The music video features them re-enacting US president, JFK’s famous assassination and may make you a bit teary! Check out the clip below…



What do you think about the music video?



The Daily Download: 28th June


-Get a brand new track for free this week from latest hype, Charli XCX-




I am hoping to bring a new feature to the Styled + Wired blog, ‘The Daily Download’, to help you find the latest music releases and free downloads to feast your ears on. If you have any artists or bands that you currently love then please feel free to suggest them in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you like listening too!

The first song I’m going to write about is Charli’s remake of ‘Grins’. This song was originally produced by Blood Diamonds, who tends to make songs with ‘futuristic dreamscapes and infectious, sun dipped production’ (sounds good!). The collaboration is one of a number of Charli XCX’s reworking's featuring on the ‘Heartbreaks and Earthquakes’ mixtape. Check ‘Grins’ out below…





Monday, 25 June 2012

How To Get The Hottest Style From Radio One’s Hackney Weekend


Untitled #8


East London was home to the stars this weekend as the action packed Radio One show took place. Thousands of spectators lined the fields to see a whole range of artists including Rihanna, Jay-Z and Florence and the Machine, grace the many stages on the Hackney greens.

Missed the show or want to see more? Well click below to look at the show stopping outfits of this weekends festivities and see how you can copy your favourite looks.


The Life of Miranda Kerr...

'Not yet 30, Miranda Kerr has the Hollywood husband, beautiful baby and burgeoning business career' How does she do it? Somehow she manages to juggle caring for her baby, spending quality time with her hubby -Orlando Bloom (wow!) and keeping her body slim and toned for her modelling career! Sounds like a dream, right? Miranda features in the newest issue of Vogue and exposes how she manages to keep her wonderful lifestyle in tact..

Alexandra Spring discovered that the relationship between Kerr and Bloom is still bitter sweet. She said 'There's a lot of "love" and "darling" between the couple, who wed in 2010'. So cute! In her interview Kerr was accompanied by Bloom and her baby Flynn, and agreed to include him in the photos on the proviso that they could get one for the family album.
'With Flynn in her arms, Miranda's all earth mother, balancing on her child on one hip as he holds up a blossom to her'...
'But put the 29 year old in a bikini or short skirt and an irrepressible sex kitten emerges, all cheeky winks and playful smiles'.
'"I dance for him" she says conquetishly, with a naughty grin, swaying her hips'
In her Vogue interview, Miranda also expressed how its more difficult to keep in shape. She says "Working 16, 17 hours, you need to know how to take care of yourself or you'll fall of the wagon. I know it's cliched, but I feel health is wealth" and admits that it takes more effort to keep in shape, and so took on a personal trainer to keep her on her toes."I was lucky for a while there, I just did yoga. Now I'm exercising a whole lot more, but it's for my job" She also swears by health supplements (noni and aloe vera juices, goji berries, chia seeds and maca powder...) "It is a lot of work" she grins.                                                                            So there it is, a few snippets from the treasured life of Miranda Kerr, a lifestyle that so many dream of one day having...                                  What do you guys think?
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Friday, 22 June 2012

3 Ways to be Bold and Beautiful...

Ever feel worried to wear something because you're worried what people will think? Do you ever settle for something more neutral just so you'll blend in with the crowd? Well snap out of it! You need to understand that the only person who's holding yourself back is yourself. If you're in love with a dress thats a little out of the ordinary, then wear it as a statement of who you are, wear it with pride! If others can see that you are glowing and confident in your outfit, then they'll love and accept it too. Don't fear judgement from others; everyone's entitled to an opinion...after all its Human nature to judge others but you must accept this and be carefree, be yourself.
1.Trust your Instincts. Do you believe in love at first sight? If you see an item in a shop that you love straight away then go for it! Once you've tried it on and you still love it then it was meant to be, and chances are that if you feel and look good in it, then others will think so too. Don't listen to the niggling doubts in the back of your mind like 'so and so might not like it' or 'what will so and so think', you're treating yourself not them, so buy something that you love.
2. Surround Yourself with Feel-Good Friends. If you're going to dress how you like then you'll want to be around people who make you smile and feel good about yourself, right! The people your with really influence the way you feel so avoid those that depress you and are filled with negativity; and spend time with people who will love you for whatever you wear and your personality. It'll boost your self confidence and provide you with like-minded friends who'll maybe share your interests.

3. Be Inspired.Whether its a favourite fashion mag, a Celebrity fashion icon or anything... we could all do with a little inspiration here and there to encourage us fashion-wise or in anything that we pursue in life. For me, looking through Vogue magazine is a great source of inspiration as it exposes me to so many styles and trends...some I like, some I don't, but its helping me to develop my own individual taste and opinions about fashion which you can do too. Branch out for new and creative inspiration...look outside the box!

Be yourself in everything you wear and do x
Be creative and care-free! x

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Once Upon A Time...

Remember wishing you were a Princess? Dreaming that one day you'd be swept of your feet by a handsome Prince? Well with these latest Fairytale fashion trends you surely will be! The latest Films and Fashion trends have delivered us with sparkles and vibrancy and have succeeded in making our Fantasy a reality - an unusual trend that I can't help but notice and be inspired by! I hope you'll be dazzled by these beautiful fairytale styles as I am...

Charlize Theron stars as the mystical and considerably evil, brutal Queen Ravenna in the film 'Snow White and the Huntsman'. The dark essence of her character is really captured in her cold and icy costume design along with her sharply spiked crown. Although her character is portrayed as beautiful in Snow White; the Queen has a twist of alluring enchantment and seduction which is emphasised with her shadowy eye make-up. Her mystical character is really captivated  and I have to admit that I'd be pretty scared running into her on a dark night! Queen Ravenna would be a great character to be at halloween: Scary as well as beautiful!
Kristen Stewart also stars in 'Snow White and the Huntsman' as the innocent and pure Snow White. However, this Fairytale has a dark twist and Snow White is a lot more defiant than in the original tale. Snow White's dress is not all sparkles and colours but is still beautiful for its simplicity and style. It also allows for Snow White's natural beauty to shine through.

Lily Collins doesn't need a mirror to tell her how beautiful she is in 'mirror mirror'. The film has a more fairytale approach to the tale 'Snow White' than the realistic and darker 'Snow White and the Huntsman'. Her outfit designs are all very imaginative and vibrant which is really great at portraying the magical theme and mystical atmosphere. This dress that she wears
(right) has exquisite patterns and a gorgeous blend of pastel colours to reflect her gentle nature. Her stunning kingfisher blue dress (above) is very complimenting of her ebony black hair and is an excellent costume choice for when she becomes the new Queen. 

Go to Fairytale Trends on Vogue website to see more Fairy tale trends!
These styles are timeless and will surely live on happily ever after... :D

The End.

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Monday, 18 June 2012

How to Stay Ahead of Fashion...

Fashion really is a fascinating industry...New trends are constantly being introduced and copied by various inspired individuals and so on, but how do we keep up to date with these quickly changing style's? - which us Fashion Bloggers and all Fashionista's feel a need to know. I now realise and understand that you don't have to just keep up with fashion, let fashion keep up with you! When researching the latest trends, keep in mind to remember the the trends that you love and the fashion that you're inspired by. If you love the fashion that you blog about or wear then your passion for it will inspire others. Here are some tips to discover new trends and fashion news:
1. Subscribe to a Fashion Magazine.Yeah I know...!We all know that subscription to magazine's can be costly but how cool would it be to get the latest fashion news delivered to your door every month! You can be inspired by Celebrity icons, make-up tips or the latest collection in a Fashion brand...Whatever ever magazine it is that catches your attention, it will surely be a useful source of inspiration to pursue new trends that you feel express your individuality! I would suggest Vogue magazine as it is excellent for people who have a passion for fashion but also for those who want to expand their knowledge about the fashion industry!

2.Go out Shopping. I know that many of us Fashion lovers have fallen prey to ordering clothes online, but sadly it fails to deliver a real shopping experience. Don't you just love the feeling when you go out shopping with your money in your purse, and feel excited with the many possibilities of what you can purchase? Going out also gives you a chance to freshen your mind, clear your head - something which online shopping doesn't give you, when you're sat in front of your laptop. Also, trying on clothes yourself before you buy them is an important feature to shopping. Trying on clothes allows you to feel the material and see if it flatters and fits nicely on your body shape - as it is essential to look your best as well as in style.
3. Buy Quality Clothes and Accessories. Sometimes its difficult to afford high end fashion items, though it's still important to understand the concept 'quality, not quantity'. Resist the urge to go to a cheap clothing store like Primark to buy a bundle of bargain clothes for less than £30 just to fill your wardrobe. Invest in quality clothing that you love, one piece at a time; and gradually you'll fill up your wardrobe with clothes that you'll never want to throw away! After all luxury lasts longest and cheap clothes are likely to be thrown away pretty soon!

I hope you find this advice useful!

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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Heard About Bvlgari?!

Do you adore luxury fashion? If you do then you are going to LOVE Bvlgari! Are you ever hoping to one day invest your precious pennies in gorgeous and expensive items to have and to hold till death do you part?! Well I fell in love with this high-quality fashion brand during my quest to find the perfect sunglasses...though after weeks of searching, I finally, by chance came across the Sunglasses that I thought were stunning in the newest Vogue mag. Though as well as these sunglasses, I came across a load of other beautiful shades...
^These are the Bvlgaria Sunglasses I fell in love with! They are 'Icona acetate sunglasses with purple frame and smoke gradient lenses'.
"Their luxurious eyewear collection features a broad range of uncompromising designs with inspiration drawn from Greek and Roman art. Rich and opulent colour palettes with fine attention to detail are adorned with rare gemstones and Swarovski crystals – a clue to the jewellery origins of this famous brand. Seductive and yet understated, the Bvlgari brand is timeless and attracts the glamourous Hollywood A listers in their droves. A pair of Bvlgari sunglasses purchased today will look just as classic and beautiful when you wear them in ten, twenty or thirty years time. They are works of art, and like greek art, precious and timeless. " - Sunglasses
Visit the Bvlgaria website to browse through the sunglasses as well as other gorgeous fashion items etc so you can understand my inspiration and enthusiasm about this magnificent italian brand :)

Thursday, 14 June 2012

New Artist Alert! Meet Charli XCX


Charli XCX  900x720 PNG


You know that amazing feeling you have when you find a new band or artist? Is it just me? Well, I’m really happy that I’ve found new artist Charli XCX. Said to be a ‘Goth-Pop Princess’, although she prefers her music to be called ‘Dark Pop’, Charli’s songs are drenched in a lush production which makes them so great. Heavy 80’s synths, Powerhouse vocals, heart-wrenching lyrics and danceable beats, her songs have got it all.

Click below to read more…


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Latest Album Releases: 11/06/12


This weeks musical releases include brand new albums from electronic and dance acts, Hot Chip and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, (Yes, that really is a real name!), singer songwriter Amy Macdonald, and the physical copy of Azealia Banks latest EP ‘1991’ will also be released.


Hot Chip – In Our Heads


Genre: Electronic/Pop/Alternative/Dance

Hot Chip - Night And Day (Radio Edit) by Domino Record Co


Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Trouble


Genre: Electronic/House/Alternative/Dance

Tapes & Money [Soundcloud edit] by T-E-E-D


Amy Macdonald – Life in a Beautiful Light


Genre: Folk/Rock/Indie/Singer-Songwriter

Slow It Down by Amy Macdonald


Azealia Banks – 1991


Genre: Hip-Hop/House/Rap/Electronic

Azealia Banks - 1991 EP by Interscope Records


P.S. Sorry that the post is rather short. I’ve been so busy lately. I promise there will be more posts soon! :)



Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Naturally Beautiful and Inspirational...Rachel Weisz

42 years old!! I couldn't believe it! When looking on the front cover of the newest Vogue magazine; I admired Rachel Weisz' warm and glowing complexion and naturally assumed that she must be in her late 20's or early 30's...However when I read through her interview I was very surprised at her age considering how youthful she looks! Rachel's natural beauty is surely an inspiration to so many women who aspire to retain their youth. She really makes the phrase "your as young as you feel" a reality as the article says " Being in her forties suits her. She's still minxy, obviously, with those dramatic features and raven hair, but she seems wiser, more maternal, perhaps". Rachel Weisz has really challenged my attitude to the thought of aging with her positive perspective of growing older, saying "but then I loved turning 40, and the idea of turning 50 is fantastic". Perhaps living and breathing health and positivity really will make you blossom with age!
Rachel Weisz wears cashmere sweater, £720, Celine at Dover Street Market and Selfridges. All hair and make-up by L'Oreal Paris. Make-up: Lisa Butler. Nails: Sophy Robson. Set design: Andy Hillman. Fashion editor: Francesca Burns. Photographer: Alasdair McLellan.Rachel Weisz 
however, she is not only blessed with stunning beauty, but she's also known to be very intelligent, incredibly accomplished and according to vogue '"smart, smart, smart"! In 2006 she won an oscar for her role of Tessa Quuayle in the The Constant Gardener, and her Blanche DuBois in the production of Streetcar won an Olivier. No wonder America has embraced her with welcoming arms!
wool/casmere and cotton/lace dress. from £1,300 Sacai, at Dover Street Market, Feathers, Joseph and Selfridges. Satin Shoes £322. Celine at Selfridges.
At the moment I'm not concerned about age. At the age of 16, my life has only just begun and I have so many dreams for the future...Though when I reach 40 I hope that I continue to embrace each year that I age; instead of beginning to dread each birthday for presenting me with a new wrinkle! I really admire Rachel's positive attitude towards age; it's just so refreshing to see that she loves her age without letting it define her, and I hope that I share this perspective in the future :D
Look at more of Vogue's beauty icons > Vogue Beauty :D
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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Fashion Icon: Kate Moss






Looking at ease whether in muddy festival gear or elegant designer dresses, she is a style icon to many women. Kate Moss constantly disrespects the dress code but manages to gain heaps of style credibility every time she steps out in a new outfit. Hardly ever setting a step wrong in the style stakes, she has become one of the most influential trend setters of our time.





Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Queens Inspirational Fashion History...

Since her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee has passed, I thought I'd dedicate this post to her by taking a trip down memory lane (not that I remember!) through her past fashion sensations; and the various inspiring outfits she modeled before and after she became queen. Like our current Kate Middleton setting trends and inspiring young women; Queen Elizabeth was once the Fashionista of her time, and I want to share with you a few of the beautiful outfits that she wore with both elegance and grace.

The Future Queen Elizabeth dancing In Ottawa 1951 ^
Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh enjoyed the rousing fun of a Canadian square dance during their second night in Ottawa. The Princess wore a brown checked blouse with white Peter Pan collar and cuffs and a flared blue skirt with beaded embroidery. 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Summer Style With Urban Outfitters


As I was browsing around various sites looking for some new additions to add to my summer wardrobe, I came across the Urban Outfitters summer collection. Even though the items are rather lovely, the photography caught my attention most of all. It perfectly captures the fun and essence of those summer days, and what’s even better is most items featured below are in a sale. Perfect!


   BDG Horizon Sweater:                                                Coincidence & Chance Zigzag Cardigan:  



Click below to check out more of my summer picks…

Monday, 4 June 2012

The Secrets to Success in the Fashion Industry...

Do you want to be successful in the fashion industry? If yes, then you need to grasp the opportunities for yourself. Although a lucky few manage to pursue opportunities when they happen to come their way; most search desperately for a doorway into the industry with undying determination and persistance. Don't expect chance to hand you your dream career on a golden plate...You've gotta fight for it! However, a great way into the fashion industry is internship, a vital learning tool which will assist you in learning key skills that'll help you in the long run! Once you find or are offered an internship DO NOT take it for granted! You can make the most of it in so many ways...
1.Take Initiative. Don't just do the tasks that are given to you, find another task that needs to be completed. Supervisors will always be impressed when people offer to do things without being asked. It shows your enthusiasm and willingness to work - qualities which don't go unnoticed. Being a 1 in 20 interns will make it difficult for you to stand out from your peers. This means that you need to go the extra mile to ensure that your supervisor recognises your special qualities that separate you from the crowd. Get to know your supervisors, skills and education can take you far but a warm and friendly smile can go a long way too. Developing friendly relationships with people in the fashion industry can hugely benefit you - giving you important contacts who'll give you positive references for a job that you pursue!

2.Be Proactive."I love to see someone be proactive about pitching ideas."-Jane Keltner de Valle, Senior Fashion News Director.Yep, although you may be an intern, it doesn't mean you shouldn't contribute valid ideas or feel inferior and intimidated to express your own opinions. Speak up! Supervisors want to know about what you're interested in and what's on your mind. If they like your proposal then they are likely to use it! Also, confidence in discussing ideas is key to this industry and essential to enthusiastically express ideas. So make yourself heard!
3.Dress for the Job you Want, not the job you have. First impressions are important and if you're dressed in something plain and boring then they'll simply assume that you lack style and creativity and in an're crossed of their list.If you are uncertain about what to wear, try taking tips and cues from other people in the office. You need to stay professional, but also show off your creative eye. Employers don't look for designer labels when they're hiring, but also look for a sense of personal style. Working at a magazine is a visual job. They want to know that the person has an eye and a certain taste level that is in line with the Fashion brand they're hoping to work for.