Thursday, 14 June 2012

New Artist Alert! Meet Charli XCX


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You know that amazing feeling you have when you find a new band or artist? Is it just me? Well, I’m really happy that I’ve found new artist Charli XCX. Said to be a ‘Goth-Pop Princess’, although she prefers her music to be called ‘Dark Pop’, Charli’s songs are drenched in a lush production which makes them so great. Heavy 80’s synths, Powerhouse vocals, heart-wrenching lyrics and danceable beats, her songs have got it all.

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img-charli-xcx_151528792744    Charli XCX Valentine


Stay Away

Even though she is only 19 she has had a fair amount of experience in the music industry since she first stepped on the scene at the tender age of 14. Her music creates a mysterious and haunting atmosphere with a little dash of glitter added. I cannot wait to listen to her debut album, which set to be released either later this year or early next. Until then you can buy her EP Stay Away and download her mixtape Heartbreaks and Earthquakes for FREE! (Yey) Just click below…



Her next single will be ‘You’re The One’ set to be released on July 29th;


You’re The One





  1. I know the feeling! I thought this was Pretty Reckless in the first photo. Will check Charli out. Anyway, you girls are on my list for the Versatile Blogger Award:

    I hope you like it and keep posting some of your music finds!

  2. Aww thank you so much for adding us on your list! :) Things like that really makes blogging worth it. - Jasmine xx