Friday, 22 June 2012

3 Ways to be Bold and Beautiful...

Ever feel worried to wear something because you're worried what people will think? Do you ever settle for something more neutral just so you'll blend in with the crowd? Well snap out of it! You need to understand that the only person who's holding yourself back is yourself. If you're in love with a dress thats a little out of the ordinary, then wear it as a statement of who you are, wear it with pride! If others can see that you are glowing and confident in your outfit, then they'll love and accept it too. Don't fear judgement from others; everyone's entitled to an opinion...after all its Human nature to judge others but you must accept this and be carefree, be yourself.
1.Trust your Instincts. Do you believe in love at first sight? If you see an item in a shop that you love straight away then go for it! Once you've tried it on and you still love it then it was meant to be, and chances are that if you feel and look good in it, then others will think so too. Don't listen to the niggling doubts in the back of your mind like 'so and so might not like it' or 'what will so and so think', you're treating yourself not them, so buy something that you love.
2. Surround Yourself with Feel-Good Friends. If you're going to dress how you like then you'll want to be around people who make you smile and feel good about yourself, right! The people your with really influence the way you feel so avoid those that depress you and are filled with negativity; and spend time with people who will love you for whatever you wear and your personality. It'll boost your self confidence and provide you with like-minded friends who'll maybe share your interests.

3. Be Inspired.Whether its a favourite fashion mag, a Celebrity fashion icon or anything... we could all do with a little inspiration here and there to encourage us fashion-wise or in anything that we pursue in life. For me, looking through Vogue magazine is a great source of inspiration as it exposes me to so many styles and trends...some I like, some I don't, but its helping me to develop my own individual taste and opinions about fashion which you can do too. Branch out for new and creative inspiration...look outside the box!

Be yourself in everything you wear and do x
Be creative and care-free! x


  1. Great post! :)

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  3. wise post! they should put that in a magazine! ;)
    ps. I saw you got small ads on your blog, do you actually earn money with them?
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    1. Unfortunatley we don't earn hardly any money from the advertisements, only pennies. There not very good unless a large amount of people click on them :( - Jasmine

    2. Thanks for the compliment! What a sweet comment :) x - Megan