Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Queens Inspirational Fashion History...

Since her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee has passed, I thought I'd dedicate this post to her by taking a trip down memory lane (not that I remember!) through her past fashion sensations; and the various inspiring outfits she modeled before and after she became queen. Like our current Kate Middleton setting trends and inspiring young women; Queen Elizabeth was once the Fashionista of her time, and I want to share with you a few of the beautiful outfits that she wore with both elegance and grace.

The Future Queen Elizabeth dancing In Ottawa 1951 ^
Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh enjoyed the rousing fun of a Canadian square dance during their second night in Ottawa. The Princess wore a brown checked blouse with white Peter Pan collar and cuffs and a flared blue skirt with beaded embroidery. 

Queen Elizabeth II is pictured with her daughter Princess Anne in England in 1959.^
<20th November 1947: Princess Elizabeth with Philip Mountbatten on their wedding day.

^Young Queen Elizabeth II Portrait  

Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) at her desk in her sitting room at Buckingham Palace, 19th September 1946.^
Princess Elizabeth at her first charity ball dances with Captain Lord Rupert Nevill, a close friend of hers and Philip’s, May 1946.^
She was so beautiful, right!? And just to think that she's managed to keep constantly in vogue while performing her many wonderful royal duties for 60 years is such a great achievement! Congratulations your majesty on your Diamond Jubilee and hope that we can celebrate many more years under your reign! x


  1. Wow i love the one of her on the dance floor!

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