Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Katy Perry’s New Single

After her divorce from ex-husband Russel Brand, the pop princess has hit back with brand new single ‘Part Of Me’. Katy premiered the new song at the Grammy’s and it will be on her new album ‘Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection’ out on March 26th. She changed the lyrics from the original song to ‘You can keep my diamond ring’ which is obviously aimed at her ex. What do you think about ‘Part Of Me’? To be honest I’m not a big fan of this, but hopefully her other new material will be better. Look below to watch the lyric video.

Katy Perry–Part Of Me


MaxMara: Neoprene dress

Hey readers, when I was flipping through my marie claire mag yesterday; my eyes lit up when I came across this stunning and vibrant Neoprene dress that is £315 by MaxMara. I know that I have expensive taste in clothes, but I just adore the simple structure of the dress with the contrasting elegant style and bold colour it displays. This type of dress is very flattering on particularly slim women as it highlights your best assets - waist and arms. The three quarter length sleeves look feminine and graceful on a women with slender arms, though can also been worn by more average women, to give the illusion of longer, slimmer arms.

 The shoes and socks to go with this dress were also beautifully chosen. The bright red cotton-mix socks for £3.85 from mytights.com adds another splash of vibrance and contrast to the outfit and are worn with canvas sandals for £465 by Guisepp Zanotti; seeming to add a 60's style twist to the outfit with the crisp blue outlines. Altogether this outfit is simple yet stunning, and to me anyway, its an inspirational fashion influence.


Sunday, 26 February 2012

Latest album releases–27/02/12

The Ting Tings are back this week with their second album ‘Sounds from Nowheresville’. You might have forgot about them as they were last in the limelight around 2008. The large break was mainly due to touring and writing new material. But was it worth it? Well that’s up for you to decide, but expect pretty much the same as their debut album ‘We started nothing’; catchy choruses and shouty singing.
Check out the full list of albums being released tomorrow here.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

New look: Geometric Print Leggings

Hey readers, today I saw this girl wearing these gorgeous pair of Geometric Print Leggings and I really would love to get them! I think they'd go really well with gladiator sandals or heels and I love how vibrant and stylish they are. I reckon that the Geometric patterns and multi-coloured leggings which has become a growing trend in high street fashion; was originally inspired by the many exotic colours and patterns used in clothing from Africa.

I actually think I need to introduce more colours into my wardrobe, my clothes are beginning to seem quite dull at the moment and I think that wearing more exotic colours will not only look great; but make me feel great too! I think that the price is quite good as it is only £12.99 from New Look. Wearing leggings is great because you can be comfortable as well as fashionable; a lot of trends don't allow you to have both but with leggings, they're casually comfy and stylish.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Fashion Truth

Have you ever heard the saying 'Fashion is an escape from reality'? Neither have I, because I thought it up myself! I guess in a way, fashion is a form of comfort; walking into a shop filled with bright new clothes and the smell of fresh material is exciting, a new dress, a new you! Fashion really brightens up life when it becomes dull; I guess that's why there are so many binge-shoppers out there; maybe people who are insecure become reliant on fashion to become a substitute for love and comfort? For most people though it's not that extreme! Fashion is a positive thing; an instant confidence boost and expression of personality and character.
Anyway, I couldn't be a binge-shopper even if I wanted to with my budget! I don't mind though, I have just as much fun trying on clothes without buying them and seeing what kind of styles and shaped clothing suits me for future purchasing - a great way to get fashion wise! Know your body shape and discover the clothing that flatters it best. If you want to find out what body shape you are click this link > http://www.shopyourshape.com/


Monday, 20 February 2012

It’s time for the BRIT awards

I cannot wait for tomorrow! This years BRIT awards is sure to be a brilliant one. With live performances from the best of our British artists including Florence and the Machine and Adele. Also expect show stopping performances from international stars Rihanna and Bruno Mars, who are both up for international artist awards.

Florence  The Machine Flor2enceFlorence + the Machine

I’ve got a feeling Adele is going to win a lot of awards tomorrow, yet again. The singer songwriter is up for three awards and after the amazing year she’s had, I’m pretty sure she’s got a good chance of winning them all.


Make sure you don’t miss the BRIT awards tomorrow. It will be shown live on ITV One at 8:00PM.



L.K.Bennett: Oatmeal Dress

Yesterday I had such a great time looking through various shops in Exeter city centre with my sister, including Jane Norman, Reiss, Jack Wills and Oasis. I was browsing through plenty of gorgeous designer dresses, and I came across this elegant and chic oatmeal coloured dress in L.K.Bennett, and of course I had to try it on!

 The shop assistant recommended  a pair of classic glossy black heels for me try on with the dress. The outfit, with a contrasting soft beige and glossy black, I think would be suited to a professional work environment or formal occasion; I know I'd love to wear this to work when I get a job in Journalism!

The price of the dress was reduced to £75 from £197 which I thought was quite reasonable for a designer item; maybe not for a student like me but for a high-earning working professional, I think it'd be quite affordable.


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Latest album releases–20/02/12

This week is rather a busy one with quite a large number of albums being released tomorrow. My pick of the week though, will have to be Band of Skulls second album ‘Sweet Sour’. After falling in love with their first album ‘Baby Darling Doll Face Honey’, I couldn’t wait to hear new material. So when I heard their first single to be released from the new album, ‘The Devil Takes Care Of His Own’, I  was kind of excited, but it didn’t really grab me from the first listen. It was a grower though and now I love it. Since then they have released the brilliant single ‘Bruises’.
Other releases this week include Sleigh Bells second album ‘Reign of Terror’. Check out the list here.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Sex and the City: Get Carrie's look!

Sex and the City. This is a TV series I fell in love with after watching the first Sex and the City movie. I know the series started in 1998, but the characters and storyline is timeless because it's a story that all girls can relate too, no matter how long ago it was made. Get your hands on the box set for £69.99 at hmv, I know I will at some point, just need to stop myself from raiding my piggy bank! :/Anyway, my favourite character is Carrie (no doubt about that) alongside millions of other Carrie admirers. The character of Carrie is sweet, loyal, friendly and laid-back and I'll tell you what kind of make up and hairstyles you can create to reflect her qualities in yourself.

1. Don't fake it, be a natural beauty.
On Sex and the City, Carrie wears minimal make-up including light foundation matching her skin tone and earthy eyeshadow. Her effortless blend of neutral make-up reflects her inner confidence - showing how she is unafraid to let others see her for who she really is; without wearing a mask . Have confidence in your personality and appearance and your natural and inner beauty will shine through, less is more.

2. Get Carrie's loose curls without the heat.
If you weren't born with loose curls like Carrie, try achieving them by using this effortless trick. Before going to bed, Part your hair (preferably damp hair) into 6 sections and twist each section into a neat bun, then secure with a hairband, leave overnight and wallah!- beautiful natural waves you can wear with pride.

3. Don't be afraid to wear bold colours, wear it with confidence. If you love it, others will too.
Wear daring and vibrant colours and styles which suit your skin tone and body shape. Not only will they make you feel confident and exhilarated; people will take more notice of you, just like how a pair of red heels stand out amongst black ones, you see my common sense? Just like Carrie, don't feel restrained to dress with the crowd; if you love a dress then wear it! Be Yourself.


London Fashion Week: Giles

As all of you fashion lovers probably know, this years London fashion week started yesterday on the 17th February and will continue until the 22nd February. Throughout the duration of the fashion show; many worldwide iconic fashion designers will be featuring their new collections in the show; this includes Paul Smith, Mulberry, Nicole Fahri and Jasper Conran. I have to say though, while I was looking through the London Fashion week schedule, one designer really stood out for me. Amongst the Giles Spring/summer collection of statement, shapely and playful clothes; I love the Midnight blue silk dress which looks both sensual and effortless; which I think was intentionally done by Giles to give a gracefully captivating look. To see the rest of Giles' collection visit this link> www.londonfashionweek.co.uk/designer-profile.aspx?DesignerID=129  I think it's great that he parades the collection on a model who doesn't look anorexic- but slim and glowing. It almost seems like most designer's think it looks great when their models look half-starved! 


Style Icon: Zooey Deschanel

You might have previously seen her in the anti-romcom, 500 days of Summer or the Christmas comedy Elf. Now she currently plays dorky character Jess in the brand New hit sitcom New Girl.  But these aren’t the only reasons she’s one of the coolest style icons around at the moment.

Zooey is also in the folk band, She & Him and has a brilliantly quirky sense of style. Also the fact that she doesn’t need to be super skinny to be successful makes her the perfect role model for woman everywhere.


Recently, in an interview with Company magazine she said ‘when I was little I only wanted to wear dresses and not much has changed’. She also admitted to being ‘an online shopping addict’. This obviously isn’t a bad thing though, as she knows just were to get the cutest dresses. She said that she loves to shop at Modcloth, which sells a range of beautiful Vintage, Retro and Indie dresses. Also she said she likes Topshop and asos, which means we can easily get her style without splurging too much. Yey!


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Friday, 17 February 2012

Solve Sundsbo–Perroquet

I love this series of photos from fashion photographer, Solve Sundsbo. 'Perroquet' is a series of colourful pictures of parrots in flight. He uses both brightly coloured and dark backgrounds to contrast with the beautiful plumage of the parrots feathers. I first saw his unique photos on the album artwork for Friendly Fires second album 'Pala', which is one of my favourite albums. The album artwork goes well with the feel of the summery album. It goes together perfectly. Take a look at sundsbo's collection of photos here...

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Fashion Photographers and Artists Equal Ambition to Capture Beauty.

Hey readers, I thought I would show you this picture I drew earlier of a Calvin Klein model. As a fashion lover and artist, I've flipped through endless piles of magazines filled with beautiful models and clothing; and have come to realise that fashion photographer's and artists are not all that different. They're all out to capture the beauty and character of someone or something; whether that be through the strokes of a pencil or a carefully angled camera. The purpose will always be to capture emotion, attitude or beauty through their natural precision.


Ralph Lauren Spring Collection: Valentina

I couldn't help but notice the new Ralph Lauren Spring Collection, its sleek delicate and inherently female. The collection parades innocent ivory, champagne, soft blush and silver dresses; as well as exquisitely intricate beadwork. Though I have to favour the Valentina look. The gentle floral georgetta skirt blends so well with the jade metallic silk tank top and blue mohair vintaged cardigan. It's contrasting pastel colours give it a casual yet subtle look. The romantic outfit was 'inspired by the feminine innocence of Jazz age of Jazz age sportswear' though unfortunately the prices aren't so Jazzy! Since the shirts alone are likely to be £70 + it may be wiser to look at some cheaper alternatives despite all its glory.


Marina and the Diamonds tickets on sale tomorrow…

Marina is set to release her second album ‘Electra Heart’ on the 30th April. To coincide with this release she will be doing a tour in May. She will be doing 8 dates and will start at Manchester Cathedral on May 4th and finish at Cardiff Coal Exchange on May 15th. Marina is also going to release a brand new single called ‘Primadonna’ on the 4th april. Recently on her Twitter (@Marinasdiamonds) she said that she is ‘hoping to preview the song in a few weeks’. I can’t wait to hear it!
The tickets for her tour will go on sell tomorrow (17th February) at 9am. You can get them here.

Get Birdy’s style

Being only 15 this girl has a bright future ahead of her. Real name Jasmine van den Bogaerde, (no wonder we call her Birdy!) has already got an album which has charted at 13 in the UK charts. You most probably first heard about her from her cover of Bon Iver’s ‘Skinny Love’, which was released in 2011. Here’s how to get Birdy’s vintage inspired style from her debut album's artwork;



Dress £45 – Asos, Jumper £12 - Miss Selfridge

Team with naturally pretty make-up and effortless waves for the perfect Birdy look.


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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Get Lana Del Rey's Style

You might have heard about Lana del Rey from her Singles ‘Video Games’ and ‘Born To Die’, or you might have just heard about the controversy surrounding her, but there is one thing you can’t argue about, and that is her style. Whether you love or hate her you can be sure that she is going to be a fashion icon in the world of music. Here’s how to get the ‘Gangsta Nancy Sinatra’s’ Hollywood inspired retro style;

       Top £36 – Topshop

Top £10.50 - Forever 21, Shorts £32 - Miss Selfridge


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