Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Fashion Truth

Have you ever heard the saying 'Fashion is an escape from reality'? Neither have I, because I thought it up myself! I guess in a way, fashion is a form of comfort; walking into a shop filled with bright new clothes and the smell of fresh material is exciting, a new dress, a new you! Fashion really brightens up life when it becomes dull; I guess that's why there are so many binge-shoppers out there; maybe people who are insecure become reliant on fashion to become a substitute for love and comfort? For most people though it's not that extreme! Fashion is a positive thing; an instant confidence boost and expression of personality and character.
Anyway, I couldn't be a binge-shopper even if I wanted to with my budget! I don't mind though, I have just as much fun trying on clothes without buying them and seeing what kind of styles and shaped clothing suits me for future purchasing - a great way to get fashion wise! Know your body shape and discover the clothing that flatters it best. If you want to find out what body shape you are click this link > http://www.shopyourshape.com/


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