Thursday, 23 February 2012

New look: Geometric Print Leggings

Hey readers, today I saw this girl wearing these gorgeous pair of Geometric Print Leggings and I really would love to get them! I think they'd go really well with gladiator sandals or heels and I love how vibrant and stylish they are. I reckon that the Geometric patterns and multi-coloured leggings which has become a growing trend in high street fashion; was originally inspired by the many exotic colours and patterns used in clothing from Africa.

I actually think I need to introduce more colours into my wardrobe, my clothes are beginning to seem quite dull at the moment and I think that wearing more exotic colours will not only look great; but make me feel great too! I think that the price is quite good as it is only £12.99 from New Look. Wearing leggings is great because you can be comfortable as well as fashionable; a lot of trends don't allow you to have both but with leggings, they're casually comfy and stylish.

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