Thursday, 31 May 2012

10 Of The Best: Rucksacks

Hoorah! The ultra comfy and practical rucksack is back! Great for College, Picnics, Work, Shopping and those spontaneous adventures you decide to go on during the summer; these little bags are extremely versatile and are worth the price. Click below to check out my pick of the ten best rucksacks on the high street…

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Top 3 Most Beautiful Songs...

Readers, I'm going to share with you some of my all time favorite songs! Now I don't listen to loads of music, but the music that I do listen to are songs that I never grow tired of... songs that tug at my heart strings and reflect my feelings and inner emotions, but then isn't that what everyone searches for in music?- emotions that you can empathise with and relate to; whether it be happiness, heartache or frustration. So here they are... the 3 most beautiful songs:
1. Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You. This song has such meaningful lyrics along with Alicia Keys' heartfelt vocals which I really think is soo beautiful in this song. She sings about the most important things in life being the people you care about and not the 'superficial' material things, so true and so sweet! Alicia Keys is one of my favourite artists as all of her music inspires me. 'Empire State of Mind' (New York) Is another song with Alicia Keys which really captivated my imagination
2. Beyonce -  Listen What can I say...Beyonce is a stunning and incredibly talented artist, and not only does her amazing vocal skills reflect in this song, but it is sung with pure emotion and honesty, its soo touching!...something which many singers struggle to create through their music. Love on top is also a great feel-good song which always brightens my mood when I'm feeling low.
3. Beyonce - If I Were A Boy This song reflect the feeling of heartache when taken for granted; wishing to understand why boys have no consideration for a girls feelings. This song is timeless as it speaks for so many women who have been emotionally hurt in relationships, and so its a song that they can relate to.

Anyway, what do you guys think? What songs do you think are most beautiful? :)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

5 Ways to have an Amazing Summer!

Hey readers, don't you just love the sun? It has been such beautiful weather lately and I've loved every minute of being outside and soaking up the's bliss! I'm lucky enough to live an area where it has been up to 23 degrees this week, which is extremely hot for the UK! Even so, in the past I've missed out on these rare sunny occasions by wasting time lying lazily in my bed on my laptop! Yes I know we all do it.. But now I want to make the most of my summer, and so should you! Here are a few ways to enhance your summer experience...

1. Go Places! Yep, and its the easiest thing to do too! Resist the temptation to laze around for hours (lye-ins are fine, as long as you don't overdo it! Meet up with friends and visit places that you don't usually have the time to go. The Beach is the most popular summer destination; and there is no surprise why! It's a place where you can soak up the sunshine (while wearing sun cream, of course!) or have an amazing time splashing in the ocean. It's free too, which is a bonus if your broke!

2. Go to a Music Festival! Summer is a popular time for big music festivals (Glastonbury Music Festival - is the biggest in the UK). They give you a chance to experience a whole new world of music, and you'll be carried away in the excitement of it all! Its an amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity that I'm sure you won't regret, I want to go to Glastonbury music festival myself, the cost (just over £200) seems a small price to pay for the amazing memories you will gain, don't you think?

3. Practice Hobbies! Have a talent that you want to take further? If so then summer is the time to do it, you have all the time you need to dramatically progress over the course of the holiday; all you need is a splash of commitment and determination whether it be your dancing, singing or drawing skills you want to refine. Whatever it is, make a schedule to practise it (e.g 30 minutes a day) and don't go overboard as you may lose interest. Although it takes a lot of patience and dedication to progress, your talent will surely blossom! Not only will you gain a strong sense of achievement but you'll gain skills that others will envy and admire!

10 Of The Best: Summer Dresses

Want to look effortlessly stylish for the summer ahead? Well look no further, because our selection of some of the best dresses on the high-street are 

Click below to check them out:

Monday, 28 May 2012

The Latest Album Releases: 28/05/12



This week Paloma Faith is back with her second album ‘Fall To Grace’. The sophomore album is filled with cinematic ballads which are perfectly sung with her beautiful, soulful voice. Although this album has some brilliant songs on it, it does seem to be a bit samey. I’m sure it will end up growing on you though. The album features new single ‘Picking Up the Pieces’ (which you can listen to below) and is available to buy now.


Picking Up the Pieces




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Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Dip-Dye: A How-to Guide to Luscious Locks

The Dip-Dye

Head candy? Yes Please! This season everybody seems to be doing it. Uber-cool celebrities such as Kate Bosworth, Drew Barrymore and Alexa Chung have already taken the dip and you can too with our easy to follow guide! What’s more, pastels are all the rage right now, so what are you waiting for? Get dyeing!

Click Below to read more…

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Secrets Of Fashion Journalism...

Live and breathe fashion? Do you aspire to be part of the sorority of stylists and fashion editors? Invitations to the best fashion shows and parties, discounted designer clothing; visits to Paris - the fashion capital of the world.... A fashion editor's lifestyle may sound heavenly, but the journey to success is not a straight-forward route to success. The Fashion industry is growing faster then ever...and since Fashion is such a competitive industry, more and more people are fighting for the best yet incredibly demanding fashion careers out there! However, passion, devotion and determination are key in this fast-paced industry! Aaah...the fashion world! It's delivered to us in a flurry of color, excitement and beauty, a dream career too difficult to resist! Sadly though, not everybody can handle the pressure of competition as well certain expectations that employers expect their potential employees to meet... but there are a few secrets to getting yourself on the work ladder early...

1. Create a Blog. Creating a blog and posting fashion related news each day; will not only help you get a taster of what it feels like to be an editor, it'll become increasingly popular as you gain more views and followers! This'll help you get a step up on the work ladder if you can eventually get your blog to become well known. Future employers will be impressed by your initiative to produce a blog, especially if it is high standard with captivating and inspiring posts! Make a blog on Blogger for free!

2. Networking.
Being a social butterfly is key to gaining valuable contacts in the Fashion industry! As many people say, its not what you know, it's who you know which is very true in many circumstances! Introduce yourself to all the people you happen to meet and find out their career path. You never know who you might meet and you could potentially find a door in to the fashion industry, with a positive reference from a friend!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Jimmy Choo 24:7 StyleMakers

Jimmy Choo - The Iconic Luxury Lifestyle Brand , has inspired  millions of women worldwide to buy various Jimmy Choo fashion items, take a photo wearing it and upload it to Jimmy Choo 24:7 for the chance to feature on their website! Many Fashionistas have embraced this opportunity to star as a 'stylemaker' for Jimmy Choo, and have created bold and striking looks with their own style and creativity:

                                                    Style Makers-Audrey R from Paris (top left) has opted for a very exotic and daring blend of neon and animal print - a bold and statemental style. The spicy orange Jimmy Choo Riviera Clutch and zebra stripe Agnes Ciggy Heels completes and perfects the outfit with a splash of colour! Audrey's second style is my favourite though (top right) Its a gorgeous signature Paris Style - A mixture of bold florals, vintage and neon accessories! This style looks sophisticated and elegant, completed with Jimmy Choo Lance Strappy Sandals and Riviera Clutch. I love it! 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

What Prom Dress Is Perfect For Your Personality?

Not sure about what kind of dress you want for prom? Well to start with you need to find a dress which reflects your inner character and personality, this will help you to feel comfortable when the day comes, as you'll know that the dress suits you! Here are a few types of dresses which reflect different people's inner qualities:

The Diva. (left) Short, sassy, and loud - your dress should tell people you've arrived as soon as you step out of the limo. Bright and energetic Jewel-toned colors like blue, emerald green, royal purple or a dazzling hot pink are perfect for your confident style! Make sure your shoes aren't too high as you'll want to dance all night long, when you get into the unstoppable party mood!         

The Athlete.(top right)Show off your beautiful athletic figure by wearing a flattering figure-hugging dress while keeping it classy. This'll show of your best assets like your slim waist, and a dress with a dip hem will parade your slender legs while you dance the night away!

The Bohemian.(right) Wear something which reflects your free spirit and nature. Wear a soft and free flowing dress which doesn't restrict your movement. Make sure it is in a warm colour to reflect your warm personality and calm nature. Finish of the look with maybe some coloured feather earrings and a mixture bracelets of your choice to make a statement! You'll look effortlessly stylish without even trying!

The Girly-girl.(below) You'll most likely want a pretty princess dress to flaunt your super feminine character! There are many princess-inspired cocktail gowns hitting the dance floors this year. Forget about the pretty little princesses with huge tutus of your childhood. Modern jewelry is glamorous and elegant! Pippa Middleton, Kate's sister and Maid of Honor, wore a beautifully simple, sophisticated silky gown with a plunging neckline. For the royal wedding, she dressed it up with low-key accessories, but for prom, you should accessorize with a tiara headband, glittery makeup and dazzle sweetly with plenty with jewelry! 

If you feel that none of the styles above suit you then that's alright. Nobody's personality can be defined according to types of dresses! Pick a dress style which you believe suits you - something you can be yourself and comfortable in. As long as you feel great in what your wearing, then everyone else will think you look great too!


The Best Dipped Hems on the High-street

       j           SK020-2T

^ Skirt, £32 - China Doll Boutique


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A Guide To This Summers Beachwear



Heading down to the beach soon? Jet-Setting off to a sunny tropical paradise? Well, you will be once you get your hands on the beautiful beachwear featured in this guide! Whether you like your style to be Unique, Vintage or Floral; we've got it all covered.

Check out our guide below…



1. £48 – Urban Outfitters, 2. $89.99 – Modcloth, 3. £34 – Topshop, 4. £21.99 – Newlook, 5. £30 – River Island, 6. £24.99 – New Look


1. Top - £16 + Bottom - £14, Asos, 2. Top - £16 + Bottom - £14, Asos, 3. £12, Boohoo, 4. £16.99 – Newlook, 5. £15.99 – Newlook, 6. £15 – River Island, 7. £15 – River Island, 8. £26 – Topshop


1. £25 – River Island, 2. £28 – River Island, 3. £32 – Topshop, 4. £34.99 – Newlook, 5. £16.99 – Newlook


What are you looking forward to doing this summer? Please comment. I’d love to hear from you! :)



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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mulberry: Spring Summer Collection 2012

This season Mulberry has definitely gone for some bright and exciting colour's to put us all in a summer mood!
The colours are bold and expressive and surprisingly British as Mulberry is described as 'Luxury English Fashion', and its really refreshing that it is an English top end brand - growing in popularity. I want to share with you some of my favorite fashion items from this collection.

 < I really love these bold Eyelet shorts in 'Lemon sherbet summer crepe' for £250! They are silky soft shorts with a sporty twist! The Eyelet shorts are based on retro running shorts, with a ruched waistband and drawstring toggle ties and curved edge hemline in a fresh and vivid lemon sherbet! The lemon wedges look perfect with it too and gives a fun and effortlessly stylish look to it.

 ^ Also in the collection is this playful Lollipop dress 'Multicolour Summer Crepe' for £595! The Lollipop dress was inspired by Mulberry's favourite seaside icy treat! The bold colour blocked stripes sit on a lightweight silk summer crepe, belted with the grosgrain d-ring belt and with ruched bodice detailing to keep it in place.

^ Yet another treasure to this collection includes this romantic Long Tube Dress with 'Multicolour Airbrush Animal Print Silk' for £695! This floor-skimming maxi dress is the perfect summer piece - wear it on the beach, under jackets and knitwear or paired with sky-high wedges for an evening look. The Long Tube Dress is comfortable to wear with a soft grosgrain d-ring belt and ruched bodice detailing to keep it in place.


Monday, 14 May 2012

Latest Album Releases: 14/05/12


This week Swedish duo Niki and the Dove release debut album 'Instinct'. The album includes favourites; 'Mother Protect', 'The Fox' and 'Winter Heart', and is filled to the brim with the pop greatness that is expected from the Swedish. This is definitely a worthy purchase for the alternative pop fan.

How to have a Great Sense of Style

Fashion is a great way to express yourself... and make a statement about who you are and how you feel. Believe it or not, the way you dress has a major impact on first impressions, so its probably a good idea to dress in a way that expresses who you are, with confidence and natural style. Here's a guide to help you develop your own sense of style.

1. Don't Be Afraid. Wear what you like! Part of having your own style means not following the crowd, make your own decisions about what clothes you like; they don't have to follow mainstream high street trends. Just wear what you love and be proud of it, if others can see that you feel confident and natural in your clothes then others will love that your individual and not fake, copying common trends. Its super creative to be your own stylist, and people will admire you for your unique and personal sense of style.

Mango: Blouse £49.99  Shorts £29.99   Sunglasses £22.99             

2. Learn About Style. To a certain extent you'll need to know what's hot and what's not. Have a browse through some good fashion mags like Vogue or Cosmo for some inspiration and to give you a feel about what you do or don't like. Most importantly get to know when clothes fit you. Many of us can't have the size 0 body shape of a model, but that doesn't matter. You don't need that to have style you need to find out what kind of clothes flatter your body shape. Go to for some advice.
3.Explore The Unknown. Go into shops you don't usually go in, although in mainstream high street shops your bound to find something in style, why not venture into a shop you wouldn't normally go into, you might come across a hidden treasure such as a uniquely styled vintage dress etc and accessories which no one will be able to find anywhere else!


Friday, 4 May 2012

A Guide To Festival Fashion

A Guide To Festivals: Part 2 – What To Wear


As you probably already know, summer is always filled up with a range of fantastic music festivals. Whether you like crowd surfing at Woodstock or enjoying the arts at Benicassim, you are sure to be looking forward to buying your festival outfits. Here is my guide to help you find the perfect outfit for the summer festivals ahead;

1. Topshop – £32, 2. River Island – £20, 3. Newlook – £19.99, 4. Missguided – £11.99, 5. River Island – £22, 6. H&M – £14.99

A Guide To This Year's Music Festivals - 2012


A Guide To Festivals: Part 1 - Finding a Festival


So, if you are looking at this post you probably want to go to a festival this year. Anyway, who wouldn’t want to experience the amazing sights and sounds of the festival season?

Are the tickets for your favourite festival gone? Missed out on Coachella or SXSW? Don't fret! Here are some festivals you've still got the chance to go to this summer. There's hope after all!

Click below to see my picks of the summer...

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

4 Beyonce - Deluxe Edition

Recently I came across the deluxe edition of Beyonce's newest album '4'. It contains 6 bonus songs including 3 Run the world remixes. Here's the track list of the bonus song disc: Lay up under me, Schoolin' life, Dance for you and three Run the World Remixes. I think that 'Lay up under me' is probably the best bonus song as it is upbeat and a fun song to listen too; as always, beyonce has great vocals in the song and its a credit to the deluxe album!