Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Secrets Of Fashion Journalism...

Live and breathe fashion? Do you aspire to be part of the sorority of stylists and fashion editors? Invitations to the best fashion shows and parties, discounted designer clothing; visits to Paris - the fashion capital of the world.... A fashion editor's lifestyle may sound heavenly, but the journey to success is not a straight-forward route to success. The Fashion industry is growing faster then ever...and since Fashion is such a competitive industry, more and more people are fighting for the best yet incredibly demanding fashion careers out there! However, passion, devotion and determination are key in this fast-paced industry! Aaah...the fashion world! It's delivered to us in a flurry of color, excitement and beauty, a dream career too difficult to resist! Sadly though, not everybody can handle the pressure of competition as well certain expectations that employers expect their potential employees to meet... but there are a few secrets to getting yourself on the work ladder early...

1. Create a Blog. Creating a blog and posting fashion related news each day; will not only help you get a taster of what it feels like to be an editor, it'll become increasingly popular as you gain more views and followers! This'll help you get a step up on the work ladder if you can eventually get your blog to become well known. Future employers will be impressed by your initiative to produce a blog, especially if it is high standard with captivating and inspiring posts! Make a blog on Blogger for free!

2. Networking.
Being a social butterfly is key to gaining valuable contacts in the Fashion industry! As many people say, its not what you know, it's who you know which is very true in many circumstances! Introduce yourself to all the people you happen to meet and find out their career path. You never know who you might meet and you could potentially find a door in to the fashion industry, with a positive reference from a friend!
3. Internship. To enter this competitive industry you need to be realistic about what job you'll start with and understand the fact that it won't be well paid or particularly interesting at first. In fact, you'll probably need to find an internship with a fashion magazine or website which probably won't be paid! However, gaining this kind of experience will be soo beneficial as you'll get a first hand insight into the fashion industry. Even though you'll only be assisting and bringing coffee etc to the editors, you'll learn so much about the industry and so it'll help you in the future.

4. The Right Attitude. It takes determination, patience and hard work to build a reputation in the fashion industry. Approach and perform all your given tasks (no matter how small) with passion. This will help you to stand out from the competition by going just that little bit further. It's essential that you're eager to listen and learn everything you can; it's likely that the people above you have worked a long time in the industry, and so have a lot of useful knowledge about it to share with you. And remember that a smile goes a long way - even when you may be exhausted - everyone loves an upbeat, happy soul.



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