Tuesday, 29 May 2012

5 Ways to have an Amazing Summer!

Hey readers, don't you just love the sun? It has been such beautiful weather lately and I've loved every minute of being outside and soaking up the heat...it's bliss! I'm lucky enough to live an area where it has been up to 23 degrees this week, which is extremely hot for the UK! Even so, in the past I've missed out on these rare sunny occasions by wasting time lying lazily in my bed on my laptop! Yes I know we all do it.. But now I want to make the most of my summer, and so should you! Here are a few ways to enhance your summer experience...

1. Go Places! Yep, and its the easiest thing to do too! Resist the temptation to laze around for hours (lye-ins are fine, as long as you don't overdo it! Meet up with friends and visit places that you don't usually have the time to go. The Beach is the most popular summer destination; and there is no surprise why! It's a place where you can soak up the sunshine (while wearing sun cream, of course!) or have an amazing time splashing in the ocean. It's free too, which is a bonus if your broke!

2. Go to a Music Festival! Summer is a popular time for big music festivals (Glastonbury Music Festival - is the biggest in the UK). They give you a chance to experience a whole new world of music, and you'll be carried away in the excitement of it all! Its an amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity that I'm sure you won't regret, I want to go to Glastonbury music festival myself, the cost (just over £200) seems a small price to pay for the amazing memories you will gain, don't you think?

3. Practice Hobbies! Have a talent that you want to take further? If so then summer is the time to do it, you have all the time you need to dramatically progress over the course of the holiday; all you need is a splash of commitment and determination whether it be your dancing, singing or drawing skills you want to refine. Whatever it is, make a schedule to practise it (e.g 30 minutes a day) and don't go overboard as you may lose interest. Although it takes a lot of patience and dedication to progress, your talent will surely blossom! Not only will you gain a strong sense of achievement but you'll gain skills that others will envy and admire!

4. Think about the future... Where do you see yourself in ten years time? A Photographer, a Journalist, a dancer? This is something which people don't think about deeply enough; getting too caught up in the present that they don't stop for a moment to think about where life is taking them. Summer is a great time for you guys to reflect on the hobbies that you love most and consider careers that involve it. You can do this anywhere..if your sunbathing on the beach or lying in bed, explore your imagination and see what kind of future pleases you most, then you can think about ways that you can achieve it.

5. Be Spontaneous! Summer is a time where anything can happen, so why not try something exciting or scary...something you wouldn't usually do. Is there a boy you like? Why not purposefully 'accidentally' bump into him in a place he normally goes, or better yet, tell him how you feel! If you don't you may regret never taking the chance when you had it. Wear something really inappropriate and go out dancing! Although you'll get the 'your wearing that!?' from your relatives, it'll probably challenge people's expectations of you and show them that you can be fun and free when you want to be! Do anything that makes your heart skip a beat!

What are you doing this summer? Whatever you lovely readers decide to do this summer, I hope you have an amazing time, take care! x

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