Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Best Dipped Hems on the High-street

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^ Skirt, £32 - China Doll Boutique


At the moment I really love the Dipped Hem dresses and skirts that  have graced the catwalks and high street stores alike. I think the sloping hem line is a refreshing twist on the average dress or skirt and it adds a lovely floating style to it, especially if it's made out of chiffon. I particularly love these because just like Maxi-Dresses, they can either be worn as a casual outfit or at special occasions, making the Dipped Hem extremely versatile. Here are a selection of some of my favourite's...


Dipped Hems

Dipped Hems by jazzy-izzy

Love party dress                       

£48 -  

Sleeved dress

£28 -

Glamorous chiffon dress

£30 -

Miso long skirt

£22 -

ASOS elastic waist skirt

£28 -

Oasis pleated skirt

£50 -

A Wear chiffon skirt

£40 -

Miso elastic waist skirt

£22 -


What do you like, or perhaps not like about the Dipped Hem style?



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