Saturday, 9 June 2012

Fashion Icon: Kate Moss






Looking at ease whether in muddy festival gear or elegant designer dresses, she is a style icon to many women. Kate Moss constantly disrespects the dress code but manages to gain heaps of style credibility every time she steps out in a new outfit. Hardly ever setting a step wrong in the style stakes, she has become one of the most influential trend setters of our time.






At the age of 14 Kate was spotted whilst waiting for a flight back to the UK at JFK Airport, New York City, by Sarah Doukas from Storm Model Agency in 1988. After that moment, the rest was history.

She first stepped into the fashion limelight when she appeared on her first cover shoot for British magazine ‘The Face’ in 1997.

Below: The young Kate Moss just stating out in her modelling career.



Kate Moss has also had other endeavours away from modelling, including featuring in various music videos and providing vocals in a range of songs. She also has her own Fragrances; Kate (a slightly musky scent) and Lilabelle (one of my favourites, with a pretty floral fragrance). In addition she has also been used in a variety of ad campaigns for stores such as Topshop and Mango.


Below: Topshop and Mango ad campaigns



Below: In her wedding dress by John Galliano and hosting Topshop's US flagship opening in 2009



Below: Her street style and appearing at Topshop's holiday launch in 2007


Who is your style icon? I’d love to know, and maybe I’d write about your idol next. Please comment below.




  1. Nice post! Love Kate Moss!:)

  2. I love Kate Moss, She is amazing. One of my Icons is Erin Wasson. x angie