Thursday, 28 June 2012

6 Summer Essentials You Need...

Summer is here and although it feels like Autumn in some parts of the world e.g UK -.-, we still need to prepare ourselves for the few occasions  the rare and sweet summer sun decides to visit! If you are going abroad to somewhere sunny or tropical during the summer season; make sure you pack these essential buys to help you make the most of the blissful heat...
1. Shorts. Sure it sounds simple enough but don't resort to wearing any old pair stuffed at the back of your drawer thinking that they are ok, find some that flatter your shape and make you feel great as well as being in style. H&M currently have a great selection of shorts and I went there only a few days ago to buy a pair of turquoise shorts (right) which I loved as soon as I saw. Checkout shorts in a range of shops and soon enough you'll find some that you adore!
2. Sunglasses. So if you're going to be enjoying the sunshine you don't want to be squinting in photo's or while sunbathing, right? Invest in a gorgeous pair of shades that suit your face shape as well as protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. Bvlgaria have a stunning collection of shades which will get people asking where you got them from! Although expensive they are made with quality and will last a long time unlike cheaper sunglasses that are often more breakable.

3. Sandals. Yeaahh... don't settle with cheapy foam flip flops or crocs which I can't help but think are pathetic as well as a crime against fashion (sorry if that offends anyone!) Choose a pair of leather Sandals from the vast collection in high street shops. Unlike flip flops which rub between your toes making them sore; Sandals and wedges which are in trend, look soo much better and are durable. H&M have a great selection of Sandals and wedges and you should try them on to make sure they are comfortable before you buy them.

4. A Summer dress. We all dream of walking along white sandy beaches with salty warm breezes and the clear blue water splashing at your feet...but wouldn't it be a great thing to experience  while wearing a floaty and pretty sundress which refines your looks and makes you feel  and look beautiful? It really would, which is why you must buy a stunning dress for making memories in during your summer vacation. Browse through shops until you find a dress that catches your eye and looks flattering when you try it on.
Make sure you check these essentials of your list if you go on holiday!

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  1. I love lace summer dresses, so cute and so easy to wear.