Monday, 18 June 2012

How to Stay Ahead of Fashion...

Fashion really is a fascinating industry...New trends are constantly being introduced and copied by various inspired individuals and so on, but how do we keep up to date with these quickly changing style's? - which us Fashion Bloggers and all Fashionista's feel a need to know. I now realise and understand that you don't have to just keep up with fashion, let fashion keep up with you! When researching the latest trends, keep in mind to remember the the trends that you love and the fashion that you're inspired by. If you love the fashion that you blog about or wear then your passion for it will inspire others. Here are some tips to discover new trends and fashion news:
1. Subscribe to a Fashion Magazine.Yeah I know...!We all know that subscription to magazine's can be costly but how cool would it be to get the latest fashion news delivered to your door every month! You can be inspired by Celebrity icons, make-up tips or the latest collection in a Fashion brand...Whatever ever magazine it is that catches your attention, it will surely be a useful source of inspiration to pursue new trends that you feel express your individuality! I would suggest Vogue magazine as it is excellent for people who have a passion for fashion but also for those who want to expand their knowledge about the fashion industry!

2.Go out Shopping. I know that many of us Fashion lovers have fallen prey to ordering clothes online, but sadly it fails to deliver a real shopping experience. Don't you just love the feeling when you go out shopping with your money in your purse, and feel excited with the many possibilities of what you can purchase? Going out also gives you a chance to freshen your mind, clear your head - something which online shopping doesn't give you, when you're sat in front of your laptop. Also, trying on clothes yourself before you buy them is an important feature to shopping. Trying on clothes allows you to feel the material and see if it flatters and fits nicely on your body shape - as it is essential to look your best as well as in style.
3. Buy Quality Clothes and Accessories. Sometimes its difficult to afford high end fashion items, though it's still important to understand the concept 'quality, not quantity'. Resist the urge to go to a cheap clothing store like Primark to buy a bundle of bargain clothes for less than £30 just to fill your wardrobe. Invest in quality clothing that you love, one piece at a time; and gradually you'll fill up your wardrobe with clothes that you'll never want to throw away! After all luxury lasts longest and cheap clothes are likely to be thrown away pretty soon!

I hope you find this advice useful!

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  1. great tips - i have gotten so comfortable doing most of my shopping online but i really do need to get out more! it does always feel so satisfying and makes me so happy when i go out shopping :)

  2. Great post! :)

  3. Love these tips! I am going to subscribe to a magazine soon and I have been thinking of using the 3rd tip too. Thanks:)