Monday, 25 June 2012

The Life of Miranda Kerr...

'Not yet 30, Miranda Kerr has the Hollywood husband, beautiful baby and burgeoning business career' How does she do it? Somehow she manages to juggle caring for her baby, spending quality time with her hubby -Orlando Bloom (wow!) and keeping her body slim and toned for her modelling career! Sounds like a dream, right? Miranda features in the newest issue of Vogue and exposes how she manages to keep her wonderful lifestyle in tact..

Alexandra Spring discovered that the relationship between Kerr and Bloom is still bitter sweet. She said 'There's a lot of "love" and "darling" between the couple, who wed in 2010'. So cute! In her interview Kerr was accompanied by Bloom and her baby Flynn, and agreed to include him in the photos on the proviso that they could get one for the family album.
'With Flynn in her arms, Miranda's all earth mother, balancing on her child on one hip as he holds up a blossom to her'...
'But put the 29 year old in a bikini or short skirt and an irrepressible sex kitten emerges, all cheeky winks and playful smiles'.
'"I dance for him" she says conquetishly, with a naughty grin, swaying her hips'
In her Vogue interview, Miranda also expressed how its more difficult to keep in shape. She says "Working 16, 17 hours, you need to know how to take care of yourself or you'll fall of the wagon. I know it's cliched, but I feel health is wealth" and admits that it takes more effort to keep in shape, and so took on a personal trainer to keep her on her toes."I was lucky for a while there, I just did yoga. Now I'm exercising a whole lot more, but it's for my job" She also swears by health supplements (noni and aloe vera juices, goji berries, chia seeds and maca powder...) "It is a lot of work" she grins.                                                                            So there it is, a few snippets from the treasured life of Miranda Kerr, a lifestyle that so many dream of one day having...                                  What do you guys think?
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