Thursday, 15 March 2012

Mango: Kate Moss Spring/Summer trends

When I was watching the TV ad for Mango, I saw Kate Moss modelling this unique masculine styled garment. Its surprising how something so very recognizably masculine, can look incredibly feminine on a women, while also making her look independent and strong. It's clever how Mango have used the original idea to turn the classic tuxedo, into a 'smoking-hot dress'! The price also took me by surprise as it is just £44.99! - unusual for a statement jacket thats being advertised on TV! I don't think its something i'd buy though.
  While looking on the Spring /Summer collection on the Mango website, I also came across these other two gorgeous outfits; The pink brightly striped dress (2 in 1: Dress and Sweater) which looks cute and casual for summer with the belt and the dress is only £9.99! I think that's a really good deal for a dress from Mango!
   I also love the peach pleated dress for only £22.99, It's so fresh and light to wear in the summer months, and goes really well with a biker jacket and belt. This dress is defo my favourite out of the three.


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