Thursday, 8 March 2012

Finding the Finest Fragrance

Do you ever wish that the sweet scent of your perfume, could just linger a little longer? It's so irritating when you buy a perfume e.g impulse - spray it on yourself, and the smell fades within minutes. Is it impossible for the producers to realize that all we want is a perfume that smells irresistible; while having a scent that stays noticeable for the remainder of the day? But then I guess, that's what I should expect when it costs only £1.99.
  Even so, after hunting for a perfume that smells amazing and lingers for hours; I came across ck one! It's a uni-sex  perfume, so its got more of a muskier scent than regular women's perfume, but It's got that balance between smelling sweet and musky which I just love! It's also only £28.99 from Superdrug, so it's a typical designer quality perfume, without breaking the bank!


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