Friday, 16 March 2012

Desperate Housewives: Gabrielle Solis

I've been watching Desperate Housewives for quite a while now, and I love the consistently intense and interesting storyline along with the great characters. My favourite character though, who I've come to really admire is definitely Gabrielle Solis. I love how underneath her attitude and occasional stubborn behaviour, she's really a sweet and warm hearted person. In earlier series, she was seen to be a quite selfish and fiesty character; though going through a period where she wasn't as rich, humbled her and made her attitude change, to the sweet and warm character she is now. I'll show how to capture Gabrielle Solis' natural beauty, in a few simple steps.

1. Don't be afraid to express your true emotions, Gabrielle Solis, is a passionate and honest character who is unafraid to express her feelings. If you find something funny, then don't restrain your laughter, laugh out loud to be carefree and unafraid of what anybody thinks!- pure unrestrained laughter or smiling, beams confidence and makes you look 3 times as beautiful as you already are! It's beautiful to express your true emotions, whether that be crying with despair or uncontrollable laughter - it shows that you have an open and passionate heart, like Gabrielle.
2. Be a natural. Eva Longoria who plays Gabrielle, naturally has a tanned glowing skin tone due to her ethnicity (Mexican-American), but you can recreate this glowing look through using a warm make-up look. In Desperate Housewives, Gabrielle uses warm make-up tones and natural lipstick shades to bring out her natural beauty, which you can do to. Wear subtle bronze and earthy eye shadows, and dark brown eye liner, to brighten your eyes with a natural look. Use a lipstick close to the shade of your natural lip colour, this will look natural as well as gorgeous! Use big hair rollers to wear after a shower and air dry (or if you don't have time then use a hair dryer). This will give your hair natural, soft flowing waves like Gabrielle, and also doesn't damage your hair like curlers!
3. Dress Vividly, like Gabrielle, wear flattering and vivid, warm shades that compliments your skin color, eyes and Hair color. For example, Gabrielle sometimes wears Fern green as it's a color which naturally compliments brunettes with brown eyes. Always color co-ordinate. Don't wear clothes which you know don't suit you or blend well with other clothes your wearing. Gabrielle wears simple classic dresses and clothing because less is more. Wearing too many layers of clothing or accessories can ruin a look; so choose a glamorous outfit/dress and wear a few accessories that'll compliment it, and there! A stunning dress sense like Gabrielle.


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