Friday, 9 March 2012

Rachel Mcadams: Naturally Beautiful

I've always admired Rachel Mcadams, for her natural beauty as well as incredible acting talent; and I've adored her ever since I watched her stunning, and emotionally intense performance in 'The Notebook'. It seems incredibly rare for an actress/actor to look beautiful on the outside, as well as have beauty that shines from the inside; and I think that's what makes her such an incredible actress.
 When searching for the kind of thing that the film star wears daily, I came across this image of her wearing this pretty beige dress; which I think is a perfect choice for day wear. It's effortlessly  glamourous, care-free and simple, which is the kind of style I love!

 I'm really looking forward to seeing 'The Vow' soon, as it looks great in the trailer! I'm expecting it to be a captivating movie; especially since Rachel Mcadams is starring in it.


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