Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sincerity Bridal: Ivory/Taupe Wedding Dress

As many girls do, I was browsing through the many beautiful wedding dresses on websites looking for my dream wedding dress, which maybe one day i'd wear down the isle...! I came across this gorgeous  Ivory/Taupe dress on Sincerity Bridal Worldwide > http://www.sinceritybridal.com/sin/3671 which I loved as soon as I saw it (it wasn't easy to choose a dress because their were so many stunning ones that it was difficult to decide!) The lace accents and Taupe ribbon adds elegance to it's design, and it's these pretty little details which makes the dress go from looking beautiful to stunning! It's quite irritating that they don't show the price on the website; I guess that could mean that the price is negotiable or that it's just really expensive and they don't want to put people off! Oh                                                                                                          well, I guess everything is expensive these days; but I would definitely pay a lot in the future, if it meant I could get the perfect dress! x


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