Saturday, 10 March 2012

Reiss and River Island: The Latest Clothes

When browsing through the shops today; looking for nothing in particular, I saw this 'Heidi' fitted wrap dress in Ultra Marine, which I saw in their clothes display. I went in to try it on and managed to eventually squeeze into a size 6! - the only size they had left. I always go for colours go for colours which compliment my skin tone; and this dress looked really nice (which is what I expected for the price of £179, sheesh!) I think this dress would be great to wear to work; maybe with a neat cardi or something to smarten it up a bit. I really like this dress, but I think the price pushes it over the edge - its not that affordable for the average student!
    I also had a browse through River Island in town, to see their latest clothes and I discovered this vintage styled outfit. It's attractive as it adapts to people with varied shapes. For all you more curvaceous or (hourglass figured) women, the brown belted pencil skirt highlights your best assets including curves in all the right places, which you should flaunt with pride! For all you slim women or ( rectangle figured) women, the skirt shows of your trim slim waist and adds curves to your figure - without throwing you out of proportion.


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