Friday, 20 April 2012

How to Become a Natural Beauty

Today the concept of Natural Beauty is being put in the shade by a world of fakery spread through the media. Natural beauty is something that anyone can achieve, as honestly, natural beauty is something that shines from within. Looking beautiful and being beautiful are two different things, so i'll show you how you can be a natural beauty, inside and out.

1. Believe that you are Beautiful. Except and love yourself for who you are, or else how can you expect anyone else to love you? People who are comfortable in their own skin and happy with themselves; are seen as more beautiful as they radiate warmth and positivity to others around them. Love yourself and so will others.

2. Clear up your Skin. I know that it is easier said than done, but their are a few ways to help your skin on its way to perfection. Use natural products like shea butter for more even skin tone, rosemary oil for acne, tea tree oil for inflammed acne, and witchhazel for a calming affect on redness. Even so, to get clear glowing skin - a sign of health, you'll need to be healthy on the inside too. Supplement by adding more veggies and fruit to your diet and getting plenty of vitamins D and C from fruit and vegetables.

3. Get soft and silky hair. Burn, split and spray.. that seems to be the torture that many peoples hair has to suffer from on a weekly bases from constant styling. Curling irons and Hair straighteners do so much damage to your hair, and although many high street 'hair protector' sprays and serums claim to 'protect' hair from heat damage; the naked truth is that your burning your hair, making it dull and lifeless, and the damage is irreversible! Embrace your natural hair and style it by using heat free products like rollers or only use heat styling products once a week to avoid heat damage. Wash it every other day so it doesn't get too dry, but stays clean and fresh. My secret is to use a few drops of pure Argan oil to nourish the ends of my hair, and a bit more to comb through my hair from the roots down, once a week for silky soft hair. (It's amazing stuff!)

4. Brush those Pearly whites. Everybody wants a beautiful white smile, which is why you need to brush your teeth at least twice a day, and have a sugar-free minty chewing gum after meals (it helps produce saliva in your mouth which kills bacteria, preventing plaque acid which can lead to cavities). In the mornings and evenings brush, then use mouthwash, followed by flossing (tip: don't brush too hard as this may damage enamel). To keep your teeth white and strong drink acidic drinks such as coffee and soda through straws to prevent corrosion of the enamel.



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  2. aww thanks! ive looked at your blog and its so good! xox