Thursday, 12 April 2012

Finding Style in the Sales

I was searching through ASOS to try and find something nice for me to wear and came across the brilliant mid season sale. Who says that you have to have money to have style?

I’ve found so many great bargains in the sales but people still have that annoying snobbishness when it comes to cheaper clothes. I think if something looks great then what’s the point of worrying about whether it’s designer or not. I, just like many other girls, dream of owning a designer wardrobe one day, but until then I will buy what I like instead of caring about what other people think. I think everybody should dress the way they feel and show their true personalities instead of being just another fashion copy-cat.
Anyway, rant over, I’ll now show you my favourites from the ASOS mid-season sale! :)

Mini Dress in Wakiki Print

I love the flowery tropical look. So pretty and summery!

Liquorish Polka Top With Peter Pan Collar
I really love peter pan collars and this comes in a pretty pastel shade of yellow and the back has a cute bow too!


Lipsy Dress In Pretty Petal Print

Ok, I love florals!

Cross Back Skater Dress

Nice colour and pretty back detailing.
    image1xl (2)

Now i’m off to do some shopping!


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