Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Magic of Film

Today I thought I’d take a break from the usual fashion and music posts and instead write about one of my other passions; Photography.

As I was looking through the many lovely photos on the Lomography site, I came across some really gorgeous ones, which have inspired me to want to get a film camera. Although digital cameras have more settings and are alot more practical for photographers to use in any situation, film cameras have a wonderful spontaneous style to them. Anyway, what can be more exciting than waiting for your films to be developed to see the final result?

Taken by jennson


Taken by filby

I love how the photos they produce aren’t entirely perfect which adds the photographers character to the pictures. Also the cameras themselves are full of character. Instead of looking at the usual boringly black DSLR, you can have a camera in almost any colour you want, and they also come in many styles, models and patterns. Most of all they are cheap enough to buy, without having to save up for months on end (which is a relief!).


Using a film camera will also improve your skills overall as a photographer. When using one you will be learning how to read light and what films will look best when photographing your subjects.
Also, before taking your photos you will be thinking more about what the end result will look like so you don’t waste any film. This will mean no more aimless photos and clogged up files filled with pointless pictures you will never use. It will make you think more about what is in the viewfinder.

Taken by sondyy

Now it’s time to get snap happy and catch the analogue bug. I’m certainly going to!



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