Thursday, 17 May 2012

What Prom Dress Is Perfect For Your Personality?

Not sure about what kind of dress you want for prom? Well to start with you need to find a dress which reflects your inner character and personality, this will help you to feel comfortable when the day comes, as you'll know that the dress suits you! Here are a few types of dresses which reflect different people's inner qualities:

The Diva. (left) Short, sassy, and loud - your dress should tell people you've arrived as soon as you step out of the limo. Bright and energetic Jewel-toned colors like blue, emerald green, royal purple or a dazzling hot pink are perfect for your confident style! Make sure your shoes aren't too high as you'll want to dance all night long, when you get into the unstoppable party mood!         

The Athlete.(top right)Show off your beautiful athletic figure by wearing a flattering figure-hugging dress while keeping it classy. This'll show of your best assets like your slim waist, and a dress with a dip hem will parade your slender legs while you dance the night away!

The Bohemian.(right) Wear something which reflects your free spirit and nature. Wear a soft and free flowing dress which doesn't restrict your movement. Make sure it is in a warm colour to reflect your warm personality and calm nature. Finish of the look with maybe some coloured feather earrings and a mixture bracelets of your choice to make a statement! You'll look effortlessly stylish without even trying!

The Girly-girl.(below) You'll most likely want a pretty princess dress to flaunt your super feminine character! There are many princess-inspired cocktail gowns hitting the dance floors this year. Forget about the pretty little princesses with huge tutus of your childhood. Modern jewelry is glamorous and elegant! Pippa Middleton, Kate's sister and Maid of Honor, wore a beautifully simple, sophisticated silky gown with a plunging neckline. For the royal wedding, she dressed it up with low-key accessories, but for prom, you should accessorize with a tiara headband, glittery makeup and dazzle sweetly with plenty with jewelry! 

If you feel that none of the styles above suit you then that's alright. Nobody's personality can be defined according to types of dresses! Pick a dress style which you believe suits you - something you can be yourself and comfortable in. As long as you feel great in what your wearing, then everyone else will think you look great too!



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  2. uhhhhhh where can I find this pink dress!!