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A guide to the best places to find and sell unique fashion


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Everybody knows about the big fashion designers Karl Lagerfeld, Versace, Ralph Lauren... The list could go on forever, but how about the designers putting their first step on the fashion industry ladder? Have you ever supported new designers by buying their items? After all they could be as equally talented as some of the most famous designers in the world. There are lots of great sites out there where you can get your hands on some amazing designs. So what are you waiting for? Support our young designers now!

Do you wish to find stunning and unique clothing, or do you want to sell some of your own masterpieces? Just click below to see how;



Ever since I started this blog in February I have grown increasingly interested in fashion design. I know this can be a risky career path to choose as it can be incredibly competitive, but as they say 'if your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough'. I truly believe this. What's the fun in knowing that you might succeed in the most boring and unchallenging career possible? If you work hard you will be rewarded with a job you enjoy. What could be better than that? So I thought I would make a handy guide for people who like me, are just starting out. This guide is also handy if you love buying clothes too. (Who doesn't!?)


Here are the best places to find the unique items and to start gaining awareness for your designing career;

Etsy -

Etsy is a great site for starting out, whether you make jewellery, clothes or accessories, you can sell your items at a really great rate (It costs $0.20 to list an item and Etsy takes a 3.5% fee on each item sold). You can also sell home ware and vintage clothes and there are some gorgeous pieces of art on here too.

My Etsy Picks;

nine lives Cat Pullover, Cat Sweater, Kitty Shirt, Slouchy Pullover, S,M,L,XLpeacock iphone case - Iphone 5 Case -iphone case Peacock. Peacock Feather.Purple. Pretty. Peacock. Girly.

waxed canvas bag carry all/tote bag with oiled leather bottem UNISEXchinoiserie toile fit & flare pleated dress with pockets


Young Republic -

Young republic is a new fashion community that only charges a 10% rate. How great is that? You can sell clothes, accessories, art and home ware on here too. There is a massive amount of great design talent on here.

My Young Republic Picks;

Kali Eco-Friendly Jersey Scoop Neck Tunic Dress               Beach T

Sweet Pink   Gold Crystal Lip and Navy Bracelet


Asos Marketplace -

Asos is already known for selling great clothes but did you know you can sell your own items on here too? Asos marketplace allows you to sell your fashion creations to a huge customer base and you can sell vintage items on here too. Sellers can choose between having a basic or a boutique account which are perfect for newbies and established businesses.

My Marketplace Picks;




Also here is a list of some great blogs that designers will find useful.

If your love designing please share your site with us. I'd love to see your creations!




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  2. Great post! loved it especially as I am all about supporting new brands/designers. Check out my blog if you can I am launching a on-line shop the end of the month that will showcase products by new designers as well as vintage and one off samples x