Saturday, 18 February 2012

Sex and the City: Get Carrie's look!

Sex and the City. This is a TV series I fell in love with after watching the first Sex and the City movie. I know the series started in 1998, but the characters and storyline is timeless because it's a story that all girls can relate too, no matter how long ago it was made. Get your hands on the box set for £69.99 at hmv, I know I will at some point, just need to stop myself from raiding my piggy bank! :/Anyway, my favourite character is Carrie (no doubt about that) alongside millions of other Carrie admirers. The character of Carrie is sweet, loyal, friendly and laid-back and I'll tell you what kind of make up and hairstyles you can create to reflect her qualities in yourself.

1. Don't fake it, be a natural beauty.
On Sex and the City, Carrie wears minimal make-up including light foundation matching her skin tone and earthy eyeshadow. Her effortless blend of neutral make-up reflects her inner confidence - showing how she is unafraid to let others see her for who she really is; without wearing a mask . Have confidence in your personality and appearance and your natural and inner beauty will shine through, less is more.

2. Get Carrie's loose curls without the heat.
If you weren't born with loose curls like Carrie, try achieving them by using this effortless trick. Before going to bed, Part your hair (preferably damp hair) into 6 sections and twist each section into a neat bun, then secure with a hairband, leave overnight and wallah!- beautiful natural waves you can wear with pride.

3. Don't be afraid to wear bold colours, wear it with confidence. If you love it, others will too.
Wear daring and vibrant colours and styles which suit your skin tone and body shape. Not only will they make you feel confident and exhilarated; people will take more notice of you, just like how a pair of red heels stand out amongst black ones, you see my common sense? Just like Carrie, don't feel restrained to dress with the crowd; if you love a dress then wear it! Be Yourself.


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