Tuesday, 28 February 2012

MaxMara: Neoprene dress

Hey readers, when I was flipping through my marie claire mag yesterday; my eyes lit up when I came across this stunning and vibrant Neoprene dress that is £315 by MaxMara. I know that I have expensive taste in clothes, but I just adore the simple structure of the dress with the contrasting elegant style and bold colour it displays. This type of dress is very flattering on particularly slim women as it highlights your best assets - waist and arms. The three quarter length sleeves look feminine and graceful on a women with slender arms, though can also been worn by more average women, to give the illusion of longer, slimmer arms.

 The shoes and socks to go with this dress were also beautifully chosen. The bright red cotton-mix socks for £3.85 from mytights.com adds another splash of vibrance and contrast to the outfit and are worn with canvas sandals for £465 by Guisepp Zanotti; seeming to add a 60's style twist to the outfit with the crisp blue outlines. Altogether this outfit is simple yet stunning, and to me anyway, its an inspirational fashion influence.


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