Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Weekend Wishlist: 19/05/2013


Due to all of my A-Level deadlines happening at the same time I haven’t had a single bit of time to blog properly but now that I’ve finished they’ll definitely be more posts on here. Yey. Expect a post on how to get Cannes film festival glamour at a fraction of the price those stars pay (or maybe not, those lucky people pretty much get everything gifted, but you know what I mean.) and I will also be doing a guide on music festivals. So watch out for those. But for now here’s a selection of some of the best items found around the web;


Weekend Wishlist: 05/05/2013

1. £120 Topshop, 2. £6.99 each H&M, 3. £20 Boohoo, 4. £228 Free People, 5. £98 ThreadSence, 6. £19.99 Daisy Street



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