Monday, 16 July 2012

New Artist Alert! Meet AlunaGeorge…



Looking for some new music? Well, your in the right place. Click below to check out brand new duo AlunaGeorge;




AlunaGeorge is a brand new alternative RnB duo made up of members Aluna Francis and George Reid. So new, they don’t even have a Wikipedia page yet! The duo first came about when George did a remix of one of Aluna’s previous projects. Aluna liked it so they decided to combine their names and musical knowledge to form AlunaGeorge. It worked out well, and now they have made some incredibly good pop songs. Check out some below;


You Know You Like It
Just A Touch


At the moment they only have a small amount of material available but you can download the You Know You Like It EP and the songs Analyser and We Are Chosen on iTunes now. They are currently being mentored by Friendly Fires for Bacardi Beginnings. Bacardi beginnings allows an already established artist to mentor the best up-and-coming music talent and showcase their sound to wider audiences, therefore gaining them more fans in the process.

What do you think about AlunaGeorge?

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  1. She has an amazing voice, and I love her eyes.

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