Monday, 23 July 2012

Fashion Finds from my Holiday Shopping Spree...

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been blogging much recently...I've kinda fallen into a lazy pattern of sleeping, eating, lazing about etc which is such a ridiculous routine and I need to snap out of it! Sure, the holidays can be great for a while but I'll admit that for me they get pretty boring when you don't have anything to focus on or motivate you to get yourself out of bed in the morning :/ Anyway, lately it has been pretty exciting shopping for fashion items for my trip to Vancouver in Canada! I am super excited and I'll show you my gorgeous 'essentials' I bought to put in my 'Carry on bag' for the flight...
1.River Island blue curve stitch purse £17. Its so great to finally have a quality as well as stylish purse! It's also important to have a decent purse, especially when travelling as you'll need easy access to your bank/credit cards and cash etc so organising crucial items are essential! I love its soft baby blue colour and texture and also goes well with my new bag which I also bought from River Island :D
2.Chance Perfume by Chanel £50. This fragrance smells so beautiful and lingers for hours on end...I went to Debenhams to by this as it has a wide range of perfumes from various luxury brands, though the 'chance' perfume was a fragrance that caught my eye as I'd seen so many advertisements about it and was curious to find out what it was like. I became pretty fond of the sweet scent after using the tester...maybe spraying it a bit too much for the shop assistants liking, oh well! This perfume smells gorgeous and its worth the price...quality and long lasting perfume is what you are paying for, as well as the pretty round glass bottle it comes in! Worth every penny.

3.Claires Love from Paradise Compact Mirror £4. This compact looks so pretty and it can be useful to reassure yourself that you look great or to check we haven't got crumbs on our face...Anyway, iv'e been needing a decent compact for a while now and I thought this mirror was pretty cute when I saw it in Claire's and I like that it says 'Love from Paradise...'.

4.Claire's Eye Mask £4. To have a nice sleep on an aeroplane or any journey, a comfortable eye mask is really helpful for drifting off to sleep. I thought that this eye mask from claire's looked really sweet as well as comfy with the smooth satin backing and soft woolly front for a peaceful nights sleep and comfortable journey.

I got a load of other plane necessities like lip balm, ear plugs etc but hey I don't want to bore you with that! Have a nice day :)


  1. These are indeed necessities! :) Like the purse of yours!.. Want to follow each other? Just let me know..


  2. Hello!! Just found your blog on the Company website! I recently guest-edited the Company October issue and would love you to check out my blog :)

    Following you now! Lovely blog !

  3. That clutch is really cool, I love it!

  4. so many lovely things! the chanel perfume is stunning :) and I love that purse! so so pretty :)
    in btw really nice blog you have here, dear. keep up the amazing work!


    1. Thankyou!! I'll checkout your blog :D