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A Guide to Sunnies: What Sunglasses Suit My Face?


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Hopefully wherever you are at the moment, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and everybody seems just a little bit happier. Finally it’s spring and that means only one thing; it’s time for a well deserved shopping spree. One item that is bound to be on your shopping list is a pair (or maybe a few) of gorgeous sunnies. But oh no what’s that, your favourite style doesn’t suit your face? Don’t worry we’ve all had that problem and to solve it here’s a handy little guide so you can find a cute pair of sunnies that your friends will be envying all summer long.

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  • If you have an oval shaped face you are one lucky woman. Finding a pair of sunglasses is as easy as a summer breeze for you as any style should suit your face shape. Make sure the glasses are suitable for your facial features though as some glasses can make them look oddly shaped, for example glasses that are too small might make your nose look bigger than it is.

Sunglasses for oval faces

1. Missguided £4.99, 2. Zalando £13, 3. Urban Outfitters £20, 4. Topshop £26, 5. Anthropologie £28 



  • Round faces best suit angular sunnies with straight lines. Boxy styles are often the most retro as they are usually come in the largest range of colours and patterns perfect for those bright and sunny days.

sunglasses for round faces

1. Free People £12, 2. Boohoo £4, 3. Jimmy Choo £195, 4. ASOS £9.50, 5. Cheap Monday £25



  • Ladies with a strong jawline need to have curved circular style to soften their facial features. Luckily we can wear the awesome circular glasses featured below for the ultimate look that’s both cool and quirky.

sunglasses for square shaped faces

1. Free People £12, 2. Armani £68, 3. Marni £135, 4. Free People £15, 5. Urban Outfitters £16



  • Heart shaped girls should go for glasses that mimic their face shape. The most suitable glasses are wide at the top and are thinner at the bottom. That means the wayfarer and aviator styles are perfect for you.

sunglasses for heart shaped faces

1. Boohoo £11, 2. Zalando £14, 3. Ray-Ban £135, 4. ASOS £9.95, 5. Lipsy £15



  • Oversized sunglasses are perfect for summer glam and will help make you look like a mysterious film star. You certainly wont be wearing a long face when you look this chic.

sunglasses for long shaped faces

1. ASOS £10, 2. Lipsy £15, 3. Fossil £59, 4. Very £19, 5. River Island £13


Hope this helps!



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