Friday, 8 March 2013

A Styled and Wired Update: I’m back…


As you may have noticed it’s been rather quiet around the Styled and Wired blog lately. Don't worry I didn’t forget about you lovely followers and my love of all things fashionable and musical is still strong, it’s just my laptop was broken for a whole month. Apart from not being able to feed my music hunger with my daily rummage through YouTube or being able to blog, it’s been pretty nice not being on here everyday.  But anyway, I’m back now and ready to blog my arse off! : )

So what happened when I was away?

One of my style icons Cara Delevingne seems to be absolutely everywhere now. Hooray for faves becoming famous! Serious face, life and eyebrow envy going on here.

AlunaGeorge (who I previously blogged about before) got a number two single with the fabulous ‘White Noise’. They teamed up with Disclosure for this track which has constantly been on repeat. So soooo good. Check it out below;


Is it just me or did you think the Brits were ridiculously boring this year? Come on guys, bring back the rock star attitude. We need you! I was waiting in anticipation for one of the One Direction guys to make a drunken mishap, but they didn’t.

Move over Gangham Style, the Harlem Shake is the new dance craze now! Oh god.

Rihanna released her collection for River Island. Fashionable yet affordable. Great.

Also some important award ceremonies happened, but enough about the past. I want to write about all things new and awesome now. Yey

Ps. You can visit my tumblr page. I’ll be updating it a lot now.



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  1. I love this song so music, I've been listening to it for weeks now :), on repeat.